TY Squad - Hip Hop Youth Group in Ohio

TY Squad is a youth Hip-Hop dance team that is getting a lot of attention in the famous college town Oberlin, Ohio. The team - composed of k - 4th grades boys and girls - practices at least three times a week and performs for different occasions around the town. Last year, the TY Squad (Talented youth) did a beautiful performance for Oberlin College's commencement week. This joint performance by TY Squad and the college's Hip-Hop Group Koreo attracted college students, professors, and people around the town and the small theater space was packed to full. 

For this week's blog Lotus Creations interviews Tiachelle "Ty" Clifford, the originator of TY squad for an exchange of experiences on building youth dance organizations in the United States. Ty explains that the TY squad is regrouping and expanding into TY squad (Talented youth) and TY crew (Talented youngins). While TY squad features advanced dancers that perform big projects and pieces, TY crew are beginners who will learn Hip-Hop moves and how to turn them into routines. At performances Ty performs alongside the kids so that they know that Ty has got their backs.

TY Squad (talented youth) !

Talking about the future of the groups, Ty comments that there is a lot that Lotus and TY squad can help out with each other. Ty is looking forward to have an official website for the group and envisions having her own nonprofit organization and studio space. Lotus, on the other hand, is trying to secure our students base and performance opportunities, and fundraising to change our status to apply to federal funds.

Kids with Lotus Creations founders Jo & Jerzy

Kids with Lotus Creations founders Jo & Jerzy

Lotus wishes Ty best of luck with TY squad and looks forward to future dance collaborations!