Reflection on "How Dance Education May Lead to College Success"

I was reading an article online by the title "How Dance Education May Lead to College Success". When many people market children's activities to parents as leading to success in college, it becomes as if success in college is the most important outcome that a child should should gain from the activities. I do not discredit this effort. Without a good marketing technique, really valuable things may not be able to last in the fast pace of today's market economy. However, maybe I can add more perspectives to how invaluable the education of dancing is to today's society.

 (Credit: NYU Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions)

(Credit: NYU Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions)

When I was a five-year-old my parents put me to dance classes because they wanted my upbringing to be balanced with brain and physical activities. At such a young age I did not understand their effort and quickly stopped dancing. In college, I found dancing again - this time by myself - and truly fell in love. I spent my four college years surfing in the worlds of contemporary dance, African dance (Dance Diaspora Oberlin), ballet, capoeira (Oberlin Capoeira Angola), and dance-making. I did not only build up strength and flexibility in my body, but also learned precious lessons on musicality, community-building, and cultural diversity.

In the article on how dance education leads to college success, the author named such skills as time-management, discipline, passion, commitment, hard work, etc. But one can learn these from so many other activities. What dance has really taught me is to be aware of our bodies. In today's world people are so caught up in work and information about the world around us that we often forget that we have a body. This disconnection between mind and body over time leads to deterioration of health, unhappy moods, and disconnection with people around us. We all know that our society can benefit so much from more care of ourselves and each other.

 Jerzey teaching a Kids Hip Hop class at  Lotus Creations

Jerzey teaching a Kids Hip Hop class at Lotus Creations

Dance helps us get back into our bodies. When we are really dancing our minds forget about everything else and dwell in the moment. We become truly free and happy. Someone who takes time to dance knows the importance of taking time to enjoy the wonders of life - this skill has to be taught and practiced. When one enjoys everything in life, he or she can also contribute to building a joyful community in the surroundings (read this article by Kids Helping Kids: A Hip Hop Experience). This unique quality of dance education is what I really think invaluable to our children.

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