So Much Gratitude...

I had been excited for Thanksgiving for many days - today I get an excuse to give thanks to all the people around me for their big and small influences in my life the past year. Thinking about the ways I am thankful to people makes me so happy, and I regret a little that we in the U.S. only get one day every year that everyone does it together.

In this blog I will talk about my gratitude in regards to Lotus Creations. I am thankful for Lotus - Jonayah and Jerzey gave me this chance to take part in their dream as soon as I graduated from college. Such trust is not to be taken as small. For someone just entering society from years of education, the training is not limited to the details of the job but also to being part of the work force. Jonayah and Jerzey do it in a most friendly way. They put much effort into making their advice for me in the form of easily-accepted suggestions.

I cannot be thankful enough for the possibility to have classes at Trilok Fusion for the Arts. Finding an affordable space in New York City is not easy, especially one that is accessible for our students. Trilok is not only at a relatively central location, its classroom is also the right size for our class. Lotus has developed particularly good friendship with the young staff member, Jeremy, at Trilok. Beyond the prescription of his duty, Jeremy helps store our class equipment in his office and puts them in place for us before classes.

I am also thankful to Mr. Levi at Oxford Nursing Home and Sarah Johnson at LAVA Brooklyn. Their generosity in accepting our children perform at their space makes it possible for the Traveling Lotus Groups to sharpen their performance skills.

Last and not the least, it is the continuous support of our students, their parents, our families and friends that keeps Lotus going for more than a year now! Thank you for trusting our ability to bring good dance teaching to the children and to operate the school well. Thank you for bringing the young ones to class every Saturday and supporting their performances. You are all part of the Lotus family.

May Lotus Creations continue beautifully into the future!