Happy Fourth! Whoohoo!

This past weekend, many New Yorkers celebrated the Fourth of July—a holiday commemorating our country's independence from British rule.

For many, this holiday is a reason for families and friends to get together and relax, share meals, watch the fireworks, and party. As a sojourner in this country, I was swept away by the celebratory atmosphere of the weekend. While I walked around Flushing, Queens, I was intrigued by the number of people that passionately wore the U.S. flag on their bodies.

Children partake in Fourth of July celebrations. Photo by  History.com .

Children partake in Fourth of July celebrations. Photo by History.com.

For those of us with distinct cultural roots outside of the U.S., we celebrate the unity of our families and communities, the history of our foods and cultures, our love for life and the Earth, amongst many other things.

Personally, I celebrated the importance of friends and family with my dear friend Wes, I spent time talking to my father overseas, and I meditated in nature. How did you spend your Fourth of July? Share in the comment section below.