Let Your Creativity Fly - Our Universe Needs More Artists!

Our world needs more artists - dancers, singers, musicians, painters - creators of all kinds. There is so much about our universe that is not express-able through language or numbers. We need art to help our universe express itself. Doesn't it feels so natural when we break out into a song, a dance, or making a shape with our bodies on the canvases around us? I propose a reason for this: that our universe needs these art forms to manifest itself to a fuller extent.

Sometimes we fear that our sudden outburst of inspiration is not worthy of sharing. It is not so at all. Our society has made us think that we are separated from each other, and that our inspirations are separated from each other, our environment, the earth, the sun. But when we sing, dance, and draw, the whole society, our ancestors, the plants sing, dance, and draw with us.

This week we introduce a local artist who is constantly asking deep questions about the meaning of art-making. Camille A. Brown's works are exciting to the eye and they challenge what we can do with our bodies. In addition, when the audience leave the theater after viewing Brown's work, we leave with unanswered questions about how relationships between people and the things and challenges that we face in our societies are changing with the progress in technology, science, communication.

Camille A. Brown by Christopher Duggan

Camille A. Brown by Christopher Duggan

Camille A. Brown is a prolific choreographer who has achieved multiple accolades and awards for her daring works. Informed by her music background as a clarinetist, she makes a personal claim on history through the lens of a modern Black female perspective and she leads her dancers through excavations of ancestral stories, both timeless and traditional, that illustrate stories which connect history with contemporary culture. Brown actively participates in conversations around dance and activism. Her works are reviewed by different dance institutes and blogs (D UNDERBELLY Blog, Hudson Dance, Bates Dance Festival Artistic Blog).

In this video, we are given a peek into the work that Brown did in her work Mr. TOL E. RAncE. The dance combines African dance, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and modern into powerful and beautiful dance vocabulary.

Brown is speaking on a dance forum this Friday, January, 2016, at New York Hilton Midtown
at 1335 Avenue of the Americas. We hope that you get a chance to participate in her amazing work!