First Snow of the Season

Last weekend we finally received our first snow of the season! It came late but it was fierce. Transpotation throughout the city was shut down. Stores closed. There were no cars in the street by 2:30 p.m. Many people that worked on Saturday were given a day off.  

On Sunday, the city worked since before dawn to clear out the snow in the streets. Many people woke up finding their cars buried in deep snow from the sky and snow-plowing trucks. Buses that go through narrow streets had to detour. In order to get their groceries of the day, some in my neighborhood in Queens walked for miles in knee-deep snow. 


However, the sky on Sunday was a clear-washed blue, and a winter sun came out in the afternoon, creating an unusually beautiful scenery.  


Many people love the snow when it is falling or when it has first fallen. I love the snow more when the whole neighborhood work together to clear out their sidewalks. For a brief moment, everyone seems connected once more like in the olden days.