It's up!! -- Lotus Creations Brand New Website!!

Thanks to the hard work of our savvy technology team,  this weekend the Lotus Creations new website finally meets the World Wide Web. When you type out "" into your search engine and hit "enter", an interactive new front page with a beautiful big picture across the screen will pop up, giving you an easy and clear access to the different tabs. 

The welcome page gives you the option to scroll down to have a sneak peek of what the new Lotus Creations website offers: information on our classes, workshops, performances, community outreach, etc., our mission, and what we do. 

When you click on the tab "school" you will find the schedule of our weekend classes and rehearsals, as well as links to the registration site. In the page "upcoming" there is clear information on our upcoming performances. To register for classes and view different plans and passes, you only have to click on the "registration" tab to direct to a site where you can finish the whole process online. Comparing to schools that are still using notebooks and written class cards to register students for classes, the system that Lotus Creations uses saves both the students and the dance school much headaches as well as ink and paper! 

In our gallery and blog you can find pictures and articles on our classes and performances. The "about" page showcases our founders and volunteers. 


The new website also has an responsive mobile version that loads faster than our old website. In our society where information is more and more accessed from mobile devices, hopefully this new mobile version saves you some unnecessary frustration with your phones. 

In the end, a big shoutout to Mr. Jo in spearheading in the development of the new website! It is a truly exciting new face to the dance organization.