The Healing Power of Music from the Nature

In the Fall of 2013, I first met the Raices Group in the Union Square train station. They were performing the song "Jacuchic". The music in the two Raices CDs that I bought that day became what I could turn to when I longed for inspiration and grounding.

The Raices Group (Raices means "roots" in Spanish) is a pan-Andean music project that formed out of the "desire to express their nostalgia and feelings of longing for their respective homelands." For them, performing in the subway is not a concert, but a spiritual ceremony – an opportunity to tell the people of New York who they are. And I know that this aspect of their performance is true. A few weeks ago I met the group again in Union Square and exchanged greetings with its founder Jachamallku. He blew into his flute to bring out the sound of winds for me, and instead, he brought me back to my nostalgia for the grassland in my province in China.

Credit:  Raices Group

Credit: Raices Group

Aba, Sichuan, China

Aba, Sichuan, China

Jachamallku told me that the musicians have studied sounds from the nature and their music instruments closely to create music that brings healing through touching the different chakras in the body. Here I want to share two pieces of their music with you. I hope that they lead you to check out their project and concerts and moreover brings you back to peacefulness for a moment today!

Although the healing and centering that we can do not make troubles go away, they can clear our mind and heart so that we are able to look into the troubles directly. When we understand life as it really is, we can deal with the problems with ease and grace.