Earth Day 2016: We Are Children of the Earth

In New York City we tend to get very busy. Sometimes it's so hard to remember that we are children of the Earth and that after a hundred years or so we will go back to her. But we do not need to go back to Mother Earth when we die. We can go back every day and every moment.

Dwelling fully in the present moment, it's easier to see that some of the damages that we do to Mother Earth in order to profit more are not necessary. We do not need to become activists or protesters to protect the Earth. As artists, let us produce enough happiness, peace, and creativity in ourselves. We are children of the Earth. When we are able to take care of ourselves and to make ourselves truly happy, our Mother is well taken care of.

Michael Jackson is our role model as an artist and dancer who cared deeply about our fellow human beings, animals, and our environment.

Enjoy a cute Earth Day dance by these kids from India!