Our First Family Potluck Dinner

Our first Family Potluck Dinner was phenomenal!

This past Sunday, we hosted our first Family Potluck Dinner in the auditorium at Trilok Fusion Center for Arts and Education, where we currently offer our dance classes on Saturday afternoons.  Considering that we were expecting around 15 people to show up, we could not be happier with the turn out.  We had over 30 people come and have dinner with us, listen to music, dance, and play games.

My dad's famous macaroni & cheese  - Jo

My dad's famous macaroni & cheese  -Jo

We had everything from macaroni salad to corn bread, fried chicken to string beans, and cinnamon buns to pound cake.  And boy was it tasty!  Thank you to all those who joined us on April 3rd and a special thanks to those who brought food with them!  We are especially happy that we were able to answer some questions about the state of Lotus Creations Academy of Performing Arts, our upcoming events, the Traveling Lotus Youth Group, the recital, our field trip to BAM in May, and much more.

We had such a good time, that you all can expect more potlucks and cookouts in the future!  So, if you didn't get a chance to join us on Sunday, rest assured that there will be more chances.  If you have any suggestions or comments, post them below!