Help support a growing nonprofit

Lotus Creations Academy of Performing Arts is an nascent performing arts nonprofit organization based in Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, NY.  It is our mission to bring the performing arts to every neighborhood in and around Brooklyn.  We currently teach three levels of Hip-Hop dance classes and are looking to add Jazz, Afro-Caribbean, and Creative Movers classes to our roster this Fall Semester.  In addition to the classes that we teach, we also give our students a steady stream of performance and audition opportunities, so much more than your average dance school.

In order for us to keep doing the good work that we do: teaching dance, adding new classes, providing performance opportunities, taking students and their families on field trips to other performances around New York City, etc; we need your support.  We need your support to offer more services and reach more students.  Our goal is to bring the joy of performing to all of Brooklyn regardless of background and access to organizations like ours.

Help us raise $5,000 so that we can cover the costs of our upcoming Fall Semester programs, performances, field trips, and events.  Every dollar that we raise helps us further our mission.  Every dollar that we raise helps us keep running.  Every dollar that we raise is tax-deductible, which means that the donor receives their donation back at the end of the tax year.  This $5,000 will help us reach more students and offer more classes. It will allow us to take them on more field trips and it will allow us to grow as a school.  Click the Go Fund Me button below to help fund our Fall Semester!


Are you interested in helping us get a location of our own?

Then donate to our Lotus Building Fund so that we can offer dance, music, acting, and singing classes all day long in our own space.  Just click the button below to help us on our way!