One of our newer additions to our class schedule, we offer two distinctive types of Jazz: Street Jazz, which has heavy hip-hop influences, and the more contemporary Jazz, which leans heavily on ballet and modern dance techniques.  We teach fundamentals, technique, choreography, and continue to push our students to reach their fullest potential.  
See below for details on when we offer classes and who teaches those classes:


Weekday DROP-IN Classes

Friday at 5 pm | Street Jazz
Beginners class for 6-11 year olds
Taught by: Sherille Grant

Saturday Academy Classes

Saturday at 4 pm | Pre-Teen Jazz
Beginners class for 9-12 year olds
Taught by: Naimah Jackman

Saturday at 5 pm | Teen Jazz
Intermediate class for 13-17 year olds
Taught by: Sherille Grant


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