We Are Hip-Hop

We Are Hip-Hop (WAH) is our performing arts after school program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of dance and storytelling.  Students learn about Hip-Hop and the art of storytelling, through dancing, writing, and performing. Students enrolled in the after school program have consistent opportunities to challenge themselves as artists by learning and creating original content with their instructors throughout the school year.

Hip-Hop Kids.jpg

DANCE & poetry

Hip-Hop is the basis of the We Are Hip-Hop After School Program.  Putting the emphasis on Hip-Hop allows us to explore different aspects of its culture: dance, rap, poetry, breakdancing, history, and more.  We felt it was absolutely necessary for students interested in any of its forms to be well-rounded in its practice.  Our after school churns out hip-hop heads dedicated to their craft and ready to perform on stage.  All of our classes are available to drop-in and participate, even if your child cannot take part in the after school itself.


school pickup

One of the perks of our after school is the school pickup for children in School District 13 (in and around Fort Greene and Clinton Hill).  Our counselors start after school pickup at 2:30 pm to have students back at the studio to work on homework and eat snack before they delve into the multifaceted world of Hip-Hip.

Homework help & snack

While we place a strong emphasis on dance and poetry, the students academic and social well-being is important to us as well. Our counselors provide a healthy snack when they arrive, homework help after they eat and settle in, and time for students to create long-lasting friendships with their fellow classmates.